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Customise tamper evident security tape :       

Customise tamper evident security tape used seal high value customer cartons . Before removed the tape, we can not see security preset message “ OPEN VOID “ on the tape , we can base on customer kindly requiry printing customer logo on the tape , Once removed the tape , the security preset " customise security message " leave residue on the cartons . meanwhile , the surface of tape show clearly customise security message .

Application of industry :
Shipping company , Banks , high value products industry .

 Customise security tape Specification :         
 Face material:       Polyester film            
 Thickness of film:    25 mircon            
 Glue:              Acrylic pressure adhesive            
 Thickness of glue:    13-15mircon            
Customise Security tape:
 Code:               ZOLO-CTT#            
 Size:               50mmX50m or Customise   
 Color:              Customise            
 Stock imprint Color:   1-4          
 Security Text:            Customise            
 Qty :             200 Rolls            
 EXW-unit price:          USD6.06/Roll            
 Plate charges:            USD165 per color            
 Security Feature:         a ): Tamper evident            
 b ): Tamper warning            
 Ready to Ship:           10-12  Working days .            
 Shipment:               DHL/Fedex/UPS( Door to door service )            
 Weight :              0.25kg/Roll            
Quantity/Carton :  60 Rolls 
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